Formosa-The Extended Cycling de Taiwan

Let's go for a ride to the 4 extreme tips in Taiwan!
The northernmost point: Fugueijiao Lighthouse
The westernmost point: Guosheng Lighthouse
The southernmost point: Eluanbi Lighthouse
The Easternmost point: Cape Santiago Lighthouse
This is an extended version of the original Tour de Taiwan Challenge, a magnificent journey that requires strength, perseverance, and endurance. It is suitable for people who participate in the tour de Taiwan for the second time to experience different landscapes and culture characters.
Giant Adventure reserves the right of approval on all tour applications. Participants are required to submit certificate of Tour de Taiwan or documents proving applicator’s cycling ability (200Km/day).

expenses explanation:
  • Quadruple NT 32000 /person
  • Triple NT 34500 /person
  • Double NT 36000 /person
  • Single NT 47000 /person




New Taipei City-Tamsui-17Km Coastline-Taoyuan-Xinwu-Miaoli-Zhunan(Bike Lanes + Provincial Highway 61 + Provincial Highway 15)

Meeting Point: 07:30, Beitou Station
(No. 1, Guangming Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.))

Bali Left Bank Bike Trail

Bali Left Bank Bike Trail begins at Guanyin Valley River mouthand continues on through Basian Seacoast. It is 15 KM, plusor minus. Bali Left Bank Bike Trail is complete and level. It usesa combination boardwalk and cement pathway. As it runs along Tamsui River bank and crosses Guandu Bridge at one point it also traverses Bali Ferry Pier on to Wazihwei Nature Reserve and Shihsanhang Museum of Archeology. Those who have some resilience have what it takes to ride to the very end at Basian Seacoast. The trial passes humanist, recreational and ecological sites, winning the love of adults and kids alike.

Fengching Coast 

Close to the Xiangshan Wetland, the largest wetland in the north, with typical dune landscape and abundant wetland plants, the wetland has been designated as a wildlife sanctuary. The Stone named Fengching Coast by the Vice President Lu and the toilet converted from abandoned bunker are the most popular landmarks here.

Hsinchu Fishing Port
The harbor is the center for seafood business. It houses the Hsinchu Fishermen's Association since 1991, which has since become an important place for local residence to buy seafood. The trading is housed in the Hsinchu Seafood Wholesale Center, a two-story building, in which the ground level houses the trading activities of seafood and the upper level houses the food market.
In addition to being where the 17 Km splendid coastal cycling path starts, the old fishing port was transformed into a sight seeing fishing port.

Breakfast: Self-care lunch: Xinwu Kuo’s duck and seafood restaurant dinner: Golden Tulip Aesthetics


Miaoli-Zhunan-Changhua-Lugang-Yunlin-Beigang(Provincial Highway 13 + Provincial Highway 61 + Provincial Highway 17 + County Highway 153)

Tongxiao Salt Factory

A factory that combines the unique salt production process, tourist attractions and sightseeing factories to provide a place for both education and leisure. It was established in 2011. The factory has facilities, such as Yanlai Hall, Ocean Hot Springs Footbath, and Factory Guide Tour. It has become the only sightseeing factory in Taiwan that combines high-tech salt production and salt industry education.

The Chaotian Temple
The Chaotian Temple in Beigang was built in 1694 and because of the wide-spread reputation, Chaotian Temple has become the head temple for more than 300 Taiwan temples worshipping Mazu (the Goddess). The temple is grand and beautiful. The poles and beams and wood carving are accomplished by famous artists. The four stone dragon sculptures forming the four poles outside the temple are majestic and lively. There is a traditional well in the form of arch web. The excellent craftsmanship is shown everywhere, from the facial expression of figures on windows to the grand dragon poles. It is indeed a classic combination of religion and arts.

Breakfast: Hotel lunch: Gourmet dishes dinner: Selfcare, Beigang old street


Yunlin-Beigang-Tainan-Anping-Kaohsiung-Yancheng(Provincial Highway 19 + Provincial Highway 61 + Provincial Highway 17)
Beimen Visitor Center
The Beimen Visitor Center was converted from the southwest warehouse in the former Beimen Salt Refining Plant. The highlights of exhibitions at the visitor center include a wall dedicated to Hong Tong, the Taiwanese painter known for an unostentatious style, and an exhibit of Sperm Whale specimens entitled “Fisherman Returning to Beimen.” Also available are an introduction of scenic spots in each geographic area in the north-south direction, an overview of tourism resources under categories such as “History of salt-making industry”, “Wetland ecosystem”, “Religion and culture”, “Local industries” and “Literature and Arts”, as well as an interactive multimedia section that is definitely worth visiting.

Guosheng Lighthouse (Taiwan's westernmost point)
If you follow the road west from the Qigu Black Faced Spoonbill Ecology Museum and turn right when you reach the seawall, you will see the Guosheng Lighthouse  standing alone on the coast in the distance. This is the westernmost point of the mainland of Taiwan. Unlike most lighthouses, the Guosheng Lighthouse was built as a steel tower that is approximately 32.7 meters high. The Dintouer Sandbank right next to it creates a gorgeous and vast scene with the colorful clouds at sunset; the view of the lighthouse at night with the galaxy in the background attracts photographers every day to capture the scene. This spot really feels like a foreign land, and has recently become an essential check-in location on Instagram for internet celebrities.

Chou’s Shrimp Roll
50-year old store uses only fresh shrimps and quality minced pork, mixed with fish paste as fillings, and then wrapped with pig belly membrane, dipped in flour, and deep-fried. The aromatic evenly spread lard inside the membrane will melt into the fillings, giving the shrimp rolls the extra juicy and mouth-watering smell.
Breakfast: Hotel lunch: Chou’s shrimp roll, Anping dinner: CHATEAU DE CHINE KAOHSIUNG


Kaohsiung - Yancheng - Pingtung - Fangshan – Manzhou(Provincial Highway 17 + Provincial Highway 1 + Provincial Highway 26 + County Highway 200)
Lovers' Wharf
Close to Singda Harbor (Hsingta Harbor) combining local character with tourism and leisure, Singda Harbor has transformed into a new modern fishing harbor. The most famous of the many kinds of fresh seafood available here is the mullet, known as the "black gold of the sea". Here, the public can see the process of unloading and selling fish, and can also buy fresh, delicious seafood, taking home as much as they want.

Ping-E Highway Seascape (Provincial Highway 26)
Along the Ping E Highway, a beautiful sight, because we have conquered another day, and we are one step closer to the success of the ring.

Eluanbi Lighthouse (Taiwan's southernmost point)
Kending's rugged coastline provides some of the area's most outstanding attractions. The most prominent of these must be Eluanbi, also known as "Taiwan's Tail." This is the island's southernmost point.
Eluanbi Park was created in 1982 to provide an appropriate venue for people coming to visit Taiwan's southernmost point and one of the peninsula's most notable landmarks, the Eluanbi Lighthouse, also called "The Light of East Asia." It stands 21.4 meters high and is reputedly the brightest lighthouse in Asia. The park covers an area of 59 hectares. Within the park there are a number of recreational facilities and a wide range of interesting geological, botanical, and ornithological features. The area covered by the park is also one of the sites of Kending's prehistoric cultures.
Breakfast: Hotel lunch: BBQ chicken dinner: Kentington


Pingtung - Manzhou - Mudam - Taitung - Taimali(County Highway 200 + Provincial Highway 26 + Provincial Highway 9 )
Mudan Bay
The gentle waves and breezes along the shores of Mudan Bay are like a beautiful painting. Across the deep blue Pacific visitors can see Green Island and Orchid Island in the distance and during the windy season the winds sweeping down the mountains will tease awe-inspiring waves to crash and dance for visitors. Syuhai Coast is an unpolluted pebble beach and is the northern edge of Taiwan’s southern coral reef with rich marine resources.

Dongyuan Wet Grassland
During the summer, wild white ginger blossoms freely bloom on a certain grassland. The air is brimming with the fragrance of wild ginger, making it seem like a wonderland. However, this beautiful wet grassland located at Dongyuan Village is actually a forbidden area for the Paiwan people. At first this area looks like a green grassland, however a mystery lies underneath the grass. There's actually a swamp lake located here. Due to grass and plants accumulating on top into a pile over the years, people passing by will step on dozens of centimeters of accumulated material and will not sink into water. Instead, they'll be stepping into mud. If you want to enter the wet grassland, you'll first need to get a guide to help with the ceremony and lead the way. You shouldn't enter the grasslands as you will, as you can get stuck within. Also remember to bring a change of clothes, as you'll definitely be covered in mud after your trip. However, it's definitely worth it!

Shouka cycling station
With an altitude of 460 meters, it is the highest point on the south bound highway. At 455km on the Provincial Highway 9, the station is under the administration of both Pingtung County Lion Township and Taitung County Daren Township; cycling activity is really popular in the area and as a result the once check point had gradually developed into a station where cyclists gather to rest and celebrate their success in conquering the steep climb.
Breakfast: Hotel lunch: Maliba restaurant, Mudam dinner: Sunrise hotel and resort


Taitung - Taimali - Chengong – Fengbin(Provincial Highway 11 + Hualian coastal highway)
Old Donghe Bridge

"Donghe Bridge is located at the river mouth where Chenggong Township connects with the Mawuku River. The new and the old bridges both cross the river. Each has its own characteristics, and shows the beauty of architecture, The blue sky and Taiyuan Valley reflect on the old Donghe Bridge. It's like a stunning landscape painting.
Built in 1930, Old Donghe Bridge was originally named Jikuen Bridge. It was originally a suspension bridge designed by a Japanese engineer to link Taiyuan Basin and the Donghe Tribe to the only road that goes to Singong. In 1953, due to typhoon damage, it was rebuilt.
Because of the different lithology on both sides of the bridge, the north bank has hard limestone while the southern bank has soft layers and a huge limestone deposit in it. Therefore, the northern half of the bridge was designed as an archtype to cross the river and the limestone on the north side, while the southern half could only be designed as a frame bridge."

Pisirian Shore
The "Jimmy" brand collaborated with Pisirian Tribe and painted the silhouette of the little girl found in the book "One More Day with You" in 11 locations around the tribe. While you are searching for these 11 paintings, you will also discover the tranquility and simplicity of the Pisirian Tribe. Apart from the painted character, unused spaces and abandoned buildings in the tribe have also been revitalized, so when you are enjoying the Jimmy artworks and admiring tribal art, you can also immerse yourself in the natural scenery of mountain and ocean.
Breakfast: hotel lunch: New Penghu seafood restaurant, Chengong dinner: Hsinyang seafood restaurant


Fengbin-Hualien (Train: Hualien-Su'ao New Station)-Luodong(Provincial highway 11 + County highway 193 + Provincial highway 9)

The Tropic of Cancer
Located at 23.5 degrees north latitude, the Tropic of Cancer Landmark is at the 69 kilometer marker on Highway 11. Every year at noon during the summer solstice, the sun shines right into the slits on the Tropic of Cancer. At this time, tourists can experience the phenomenon of shadowlessness under the sun.

The Baqi Gazebo is located on 32 kilometer marker of Taiwan Provincial Highway 11, at a commanding vantage point rarely seen on the coastal highway. Climbing on to the viewing platform looking south, it is possible to catch sight of Jiqi Bay and Guihou headland, along with Hsinshe township’s ocean cliff; layer-upon-layer of unusual coastal terrain. The viewing platform has several sets of coin-operated telescopes, allowing visitors to survey the scene more clearly, and when the breeze is still, the waves are quiet, and the sun is setting in the west, it is possible to catch sight of little specks of returning fishing boats 

Breakfast: hotel lunch: Gourmet dishes dinner: Gourmet dishes




After entering the Longmen area, tourists will begin noticing the interesting and diverse scenery that distinguishes Fulong. Rippling layers of terraced fields and river terrace coupled with the sound of the Shuangsi River murmuring within a gorge is just part of what awaits visitors in Fulong. A characteristic sand split landform formed by the interaction of river and ocean divides the calm Shuangsi River from the overwhelming waves of the ocean, creating the unique view Fulong has to offer.

Sandiao Cape Lighthouse (Taiwan’s easternmost point)
Constructed in 1931, Sandiao Cape Lighthouse sits at the easternmost tip of Taiwan. Called the "Eye of Taiwan," the lighthouse is a popular destination for visitors seeking to catch the earliest dawn rays to shine on Taiwan. "Sandiao" is a Taiwanese translation of "Santiago," the name given to this area by the Spanish when they discovered the cape. An exhibit area introduces the lighthouse equipment and information. This is the only lighthouse open to the public in northern Taiwan. It is also a favorite location for shooting TV dramas and wedding photos.
Breakfast: hotel lunch: Gourmet dishes dinner: Evergreen Hotel


Keelung - Northeast Point - New Taipei City - Shimen – Tamsui(Provincial highway 2)
Fugui Cape Lighthouse (Taiwan's northernmost point)
The lighthouse at Fugui Cape was built by the Japanese in 1897, painted black and white to be more visible in fogs. It was also equipped with a fog horn for warnings in thick fogs.
The lighthouse marks the northernmost point of land of the island of Taiwan, and has been an important landmark. It has been renovated, but its function of guiding ships remains. Standing firmly on the cape, it lights up the northern coast.
Unlike the common light houses, the Fuguei Cape Lighthouse is painted in black and white to make it easily identified by fishermen sailing on the sea. A fog horn is also equipped to guide sailors and avoid ships from clashing against one another.

Qianshui Bay
Shortly after you enter Sanzhi by taking Freeway No.2, you will know you have arrived in Qianshui Bay when you see the blue sea and a wide sand beach. Beside the clean sand beach, you can also enjoy the ocean view at a special sight-seeing seawall. Timber trails and parking lots are very well organized. Qianshui Bay is a very popular attraction in the summer.

Farewell Everyone: group disassembled at 15:00 at Beitou Station!!
Breakfast: hotel lunch: Shimen Tahsiung seafood restaurant dinner: X

Remarks and Notices

  • Rates include:
  1. Snacks, Bike and helmet rental ,bike repair, support van, luggage van, and video recording of selected tour events(for download only, no CD available).
  2. Tips of staff.
  3. Accommodations, meals, admission tickets during the tour.
  4. Travel liability insurance (including benefits for medical expenses of up to NT$200,000) has been obtained for this activity.  When applying for any claim, please also provide with a medical certificate and an original copy of the receipt.  Travel liability insurance coverage is only limited to accidents.  The insurance coverage does not include any accident occurring due to a participant’s health conditions.  If you think the coverage is insufficient, please obtain additional insurance, such as travel safety insurance, overseas emergency disease and health insurance, etc.
  • Rates NOT include:
  1. Personal expenses, such as beverages, alcohols, shopping…, and so forth.
  2. Personal traveling insurance: One may purchase any other additional travel insurances to fit your needs.
  3. Expenses items not listed within the tour package and other suggested, one’s own or independent tour costs.
  • Services provided:
  1. Support Van: efficient support van resupply services, bicycle delivery, and bicycle storage
  2. Bicycle repair and maintenance: professional technician and tool offers you a carefree cycling tour
  3. Safe Cycling: professional cyclists help manage the trip and accompany you all the way
  4. Cycling Tour Guide: Local attractions introduction
  5. Travel Services: traffics and accommodations arrangements
  6. Travel recording: complete cycling tour photography services
  7. Bicycle Rental Service: high end Giant bicycle rental available
  • Additional Notices:
  1. Please inform us your height/weight upon registration for necessary bike arrangements. Name and phone number for one’s emergency contact purposes are also required.
  2. Tour participants:
    • Over 11 years old or height 145cm and above is suggested. And please summit Parental Agreement Form if you are under age 20. (Legal representative is required to accompany the participant under age 15 during the tour)
    • Agreement are required for participants over 70 years old.(Accompany is required)
  3. Schedules and meals are subject to change to meet the needs of participants and weather condition.
  4. Accommodations and cycling routes are subject to change. Please refer to notices published on Giant Adventure official website. In the case of accommodations change, changes will only be made to hotels of the same level.
  5. Giant remains the explanation right of the tour and right for itinerary change if the weather or similar situation doesn’t allow certain schedule. Refund will NOT be given for participant who leaves or terminates the tour on his/her own.
  6. Cycling tour requires certain personal fitness; please take your own fitness level into consideration. People who have chronic or acute diseases are not suggested to participate. (such as cardiovascular disease)
  7. If the insurance coverage isn’t enough, participants are welcome to purchase additional insurance coverage to meet your need. Travel liability insurance coverage is only limited to accidents.  The insurance coverage does not include any accident occurring due to a participant’s health conditions.  If you think the coverage is insufficient, please obtain additional insurance, such as travel safety insurance, overseas emergency disease and health insurance, etc.
  8. Travelers have the obligation of disclosing their health conditions and providing with the medical certificate upon the request of the travel agent.  As you need to have sufficient physical energy to complete the activity, we suggest that you should adjust fitness by starting training yourself 2 weeks prior to the activity.
  9. Health Conditions Survey (Please disclose based on your health conditions.)
For the safety of your travel and the interests of all tour members, if you are pregnant or suffer, or have suffered, from any severe diseases, including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, brain diseases, cancers, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue diseases, respiratory diseases, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, alcohol or drug addiction and physical disability, please disclose faithfully before registering for a tour.  If you suffered from any of the aforementioned diseases before and have been cured, you are still required to disclose faithfully.  Please consider your health conditions before registering for a tour, or ask your family or friend to accompany you during the tour.  As a cycling tour is a long-distance challenge with a high level of exercise intensity, participants are required to disclose their health conditions faithfully.  If a participant has any accident due to his or her health conditions in any activity during the tour, the participant is willing to be solely held liable and such accident shall be irrelevant to the company.
  1. 【Consent form of security assurance of physical condition】
I confirm that the health of the body is normal, and have no individual special physical, pregnancy, cardiovascular and other diseases, and through careful consideration, I voluntarily participate in the activity held byGiantTravel Agency (shares) Company, I know the content of the activity and the risk before the activity, and strictly comply with the notice of the activity and the reminder of the team leader. During the activity, if the risk occurs due to personal factors, I am willing to bear all the responsibility, and agree to the terms of the above refund; if there is an accident, I would like to follow the provisions of the insurance company, and handle the application procedures to accept insurance claims. And at any time pay attention to my own physical condition and the security to participate in the activity; in case of sudden and irresistible reasons, or continued medical problems caused by insanity, drug allergy, or other medical behavior, or autoimmune disease, any personal or financial loss arising from any condition or derivative of a travel liability insurance policy, I agree to be fully accountable, which has nothing to do with Giant Travel Agency, and the consent form is hereby made for verification.
  1. Overseas Travel – Notice of Safety Insurance(for people who are not staying with the group for the whole trip)
I fully understand that I am responsible for obtaining my flight ticket and meeting the group members at the designated place, and that travel agency liability insurance coverage is not applicable to me in this trip.  As the result, the travel expenses that I pay for this trip do not include any insurance.  I will obtain necessary personal travel safety insurance on your own in the place of departure.